Psychic Reading Love Romance and the Romanctic Outfit

If there are a handful of items that are fun in life it would have to be a psychic reading, love and romance, and the romantic outfit. We all enjoy being in the company of a woman who is feminine and who understands the strength of her inner beauty.

The creative feminine energy is present in both males and females, we call it yin and yang energy, and the wholesome well being of both sexes causes admiration in many. Many males, myself included , wonder what is it like to be a woman and how does it feel?

How do women feel about love, romance, and romantic outfits? If only all men had telepathy so we could reach into the minds of women and find out! It is true to say that many men are scared of the feminist movement, they do not really understand it, and what we fail to understand we fear.

The goal of any psychic reading is to shine light on your REAL life situation to banish fear forever. You see wherever you shine the light it becomes less burdensome. A genuine psychic is a valuable friend to have on your team.

Should women be above men or men above women? How about viewing both with equal importance? You can't have one without the other anyway. It is the old chicken and egg syndrome. Which came first? Are men the stronger sex and are women far more intuitive than men? We all have our struggles. How about we view them each with equal compassion and understanding?

When we are children we are all exposed to conditioning and the bad habits of grown ups around us. It takes time to shake off this negativity. A psychic reading can reveal energy blocks and release a lot of the stored up spirit blockages. Men and women all have energy blocks. This is a fact of life. The more of these we release the more warm and human we become.

There are many men who are attracted to love and romance. They crave it but often fail to know how to go about it. Hey, has there ever been a course at school on falling in love with tenderness and affection? So what hope do we have but to learn through trial and error? For many of us the error is WAY too frequent!

Men can be threatened by a successful and intelligent career woman. This is more true today than ever before. This is the day and age where brain power triumphs over physical strength and those who understand thoughts are things and can direct their thinking capacity always end up ahead of the game.

You get a kick from a romantic evening where both male and female respect one another, there is honour there and an energy of positive communication, and an equal sharing of energy. There are various degrees of respect a man has for a woman. One degree is wanting to protect her, say from the rain or other troublemakers. Then you have a still higher form of respect where the male wants to work with a female, as in some kind of cooperative effort, and views the woman as his equal.

I have not met a guy yet who fails to appreciate a romantic dress, and all the effort a woman puts into looking nice , there is always someone bound to appreciate it. There is a joy in love and romance and womanhood. This is why Jane Austen's novels are still popular. She writes about chivalry, polite and caring men, of falling in romantic love, and the age of romance. Could you ask for anything more in a genuine psychic reading?

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Romance 101 Your Guide to the Perfect Night In

Looking for a great way to spice things up in the romance department? Why not consider a sexy, romantic night in for a change?

Many couples enjoy going out (you know, the "traditional" dinner and a movie) for a chance to reconnect, but a night in can be much more conducive to intimate connection-at the dining room table, on the living room couch, and especially between the sheets.

Getting started

Planning your perfect night in starts with picking a date so you can make preparations. You may even want to consider surprising your lover with a night in to really juice things up.

If you're going with the surprise option, make sure you leave work early on the day of (and that your lover isn't home) so you can set everything up. Got kids? No problem. Arrange for a babysitter ahead of time and drop them off. Even if your hot night in is sans surprise, getting the kids out of there is necessary.

Surprise or not, you'll need to pick up a few things for the big night: flowers, candles, incense, bubble bath, massage oil, a bottle of wine or champagne, grocery items for dinner, some aphrodisiac foods like strawberries and chocolate, a romantic or sexy DVD, some playing cards, and some costumes-you'll find out why in a minute.

You'll also need to clean the house up a little and clean yourself up a little (shower, dress up, smell nice) before getting started.

Set the "mood"

Next, set the "mood"-a critical part of your big night in. Light candles and incense, put fresh flowers (red roses recommended) in a vase on the table, and play soft, sexy music in the background.

Prepare the bedroom in advance by turning it into a sexy love haven. Get rid of the mess, add candles (light them later), throw rose petals on the bed, and have some sexy lingerie or kinky costumes and chocolate-covered strawberries (or the like) ready.

Your perfect night in:

1. Dinner

Start your night in by either surprising your lover with dinner, or cooking it together. If you can't cook or don't enjoy cooking, order your favorite takeout (like Chinese) and set it up with fancy china, and eat together with chopsticks and wine by candlelight.

2. Movie

Move from dinner to the living room where you can watch a sexy or romantic DVD together. Get nice and cozy on the couch, and allow yourselves to enjoy each other rather than the movie as needed.

3. Bath & Massage

Take a candlelit bubble bath together, complete with incense, champagne, and a nice, long, sensual massage session complete with yummy-smelling massage oil to tantalize your senses.

4. Sex games

Now it's time to crank it up a notch, moving from romantic to sexy and downright naughty. Get competitive and creative with sex games or role-playing. Strip poker is a favorite-here's where the cards come in handy.

Act out a scenario together and dress the part. Here is where kinky costumes come into play. You can try scenarios like doctor and patient, teacher and student, employer and employee, master and slave, artist and model, stripper and client. Be creative and let your sensual imagination run away with you. The possibilities are endless.

The obvious goal of the entire evening is to end up in bed together, but if your romp ends up in the bathtub, the livingroom couch, or even the dining room table, just go with the flow. Even though you may have planned the evening out, spontaneity almost always wins over structure, so just enjoy wherever the evening takes you.

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Put Romance Back into your Relationship to Save Your Marriage

Do you feel as if your marriage is going downhill and headed for a divorce? Do you wish there was something you could do to save your marriage? Many couples go through difficult times in their marriage even though it might still be in the love. Before coming to a place that is very difficult to leave, start fixing your relationship now and put back the romance in your marriage.

Through the years, things change between a couples. Very often the romance is the first thing to go. Things like finances or needs of children can get in the way and far beyond the needs of parents. But the need for love and affection does not diminish. By ignoring these needs, the link between the pair is stretched and can break. Also, if a person agrees to keep the romance alive while the other puts it in the background, resentment can build, and resentment, no doubt, to crush a marriage. What are some ways you can put some romance back into your marriage before it's too late?

When children are involved in a couple's relationship can be difficult to find time just for yourself. To keep romance alive in a marriage, make sure you hire a nanny or allow children to spend time nicely with the grandmother and grandfather at least once a month or even once every two months. At times, the only the opportunity is to have a dinner and just have a simple chat or a wonderful relationship review. It is also possible to show affection to your partner about a daily basis without even being at home intimate.

Write your partner a message of love, where you will find throughout the day. Something as simple as writing "I love you!" On a piece of paper tucked in your purse or drawer drive the romance between you two and make your partner feel loved. You can also take a walk together. Put your responsibilities as the plates, grass, and accounts to side and show your partner that the most important thing at this time is to spend time with them. A walk is a good way to leave behind the distractions and focus on your partner.

Remember to take your partner's needs in mind. Perhaps the romance is not on your to-do list at the moment. However, it could be in the top of the list of your partner. Be open to suggestions from your partner. A relationship will quickly fall by the wayside when someone cannot make time for your spouse. All have a busy life, but makes a big difference when you put your agenda aside from your spouse, even if only to keep a long kiss. Also, remember to be open and honest with your partner about your expectations for love, sex and romance in your marriage. Now is the time to start, although the course of your life is not where you expect it to be. Decide for you that "someday" will take the time to be romantic only hurt your marriage. Sooner or later they will realize that "someday" never comes, and you have lost the time that you once had.

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Romance with a Bunch of Fresh Flowers

The world is full of lovers who try to convey their love to their partners in a unique way to impress and convince them. And whenever you think of romance, flowers are the foremost things that appear in your mind. A bunch of fresh flowers transmit a beautiful and refreshing feeling in the minds and hearts of the receivers. From eternal times, flowers have been a major source of proposing and expressing the heartfelt desires of lovers. Romance seems to be incomplete and lifeless without flowers. They denote the very spirit of romance and without flowers you can't even imagine love.

When you are in a relationship you can go to any extent to impress your partner or if you are married, your wife or husband. What better way to speak your heart out than to do it with flowers. In general, female are more attracted to flowers and their male counterparts know this very well and hence they try to get their attention and love with the help of flowers. Romance and flowers go side by side and your romantic feeling or mood could be well complimented with flowers. Since time immemorial, lovers have been enchanted by flowers and it is still the best way to express their love.

A special day for lovers around the world is the Valentine's Day, a day when they get to express their love for each other. A great demand for flowers could be seen on this day and flower shops are swarmed by people of all ages. Red roses are seen to have the most demands on this day as it symbolizes love and passion. The true significance of flowers as a companion of romance and eternal love could be easily discernible on Valentine's Day.

The whole world knows the power of flowers as a means of expressing our untold and difficult to say words with ease. Some guys are a bit shy and hesitant to speak out their heart and for them flowers work as their best friends. A universal truth is that girls just love flowers and when it is gifted to them, it works as a magic. So guys can charm their ladies with a bouquet of exquisite flowers. The magic of flowers have never failed to enchant people across boundaries and across times. If you are not romantic, flowers have the capability to make you the most romantic.

The vibrant, elegant and beautiful color of the flowers appeals immensely to the eyes and the emotion desired to express through them goes straight into the heart. For the guys out there who are looking for a way to get into a girl's heart, rush to the nearest florist and buy a beautiful bouquet for your girl or a single strand would also suffice. But it is not that only new couples or soon to be couples express through flowers. The strong bond of relationship could also be demonstrated through flowers. Married couples too love to show their long lasting romance through flowers.

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Save Your Valuable Relationship – Place Romance Back Into Your Lifetime

Are you currently in a situation where you may well perception that your matrimony could possibly be heading in direction of divorce? On the other hand, you happen to be devoted to do something and turnaround your own relationship. Of course, its factual that lovers may possibly deal with rough occasions inside their matrimony voyage, and most almost certainly they may be nonetheless in adore. Ahead of that receives any further compared to this particular, perhaps it is time you make a new u-turn of your matrimony along with carry romance back to this.

As time passes simply by, lovers usually get each other for granted, and commence to relate to the other person being a co-inhabitant rather than a partner or a partner. Focal points turn into confusing in most cases enchantment may be the first thing out of the windowpane. People perform often neglect exactly why they were given hitched initially. Things such as youngsters and/or dollars become middle point inside versions existence and really like along with love are generally overlooked even though the wish to satisfy these nonetheless stays. If this is done with regard to of sufficient length time, generally by a single spouse, animosity may start to formulate. As well as resentment will doubtless consider upon the wedding Do you know the items that you may do today to provide slightly romance back into your daily life?

For starters, set the priorities right. Start spending some time relating to the both of you once more. Even though it is just a meal night out once per month. If your concern pertaining to who will take care of the young children becomes in terms, then that is the chance of them to spend some top quality occasion with the great parents. As well as retain the services of any baby-sitter to complete the job. Never allow this particular become a justification that prevents an individual throughout hanging out together. And a walk in the park with each other would be a relationship refresher. It will furthermore provide you with seductive by leaving tasks and jobs regarding existence at the rear of for awhile.

Begin staying intimate yet again. Keep in mind these tingly instances that will deliver delight straight into your health since you get that your partner wholeheartedly adore you? Nicely, often, the idea wasn't some thing large that they can would for you, it had been actually something tiny in which designed a huge difference. It turned out something special. Similar to putting modest chits regarding "I Enjoy Yous" inside your slacks pants pocket as well as attire table. Effectively, provide these situations back into your existence. Obtain romantic yet again.

Consider your partner concerns. What this means is probably relationship may not be large being a priority to suit your needs, however it is to your wife or husband. Begin listening to what that person to express, pay attention to just what his or her activities say. Maybe probably, you might have become numbing your that you just almost never detect what's going on surrounding you. Pay attention once again and initiate answering in a manner that empowers your own romantic relationship. For instance, in case your spouse produces a request for one to decline these people for a dental professional visit, figure out a way to accomplish this. The idea illustrates that he / she is important to you and you also get to spend some on your own moment together.

If you're still thinking if the will last anyone, cease thinking and begin taking action. If you are looking forward to someday, which someday won't appear. Though where you stand in your own life just isn't in places you anticipate to be, it is the kick off point. Commence right now, to create your matrimony operate.

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Spice Up Your Relationship With Romance

Romance can be defined in many ways, but those that refer to feelings of excitement associated with love are the best. This excitement can either be very playful or intense. If romance comes easy to you, you've got it within you to keep your relationship going strong for a long time to come. If not, it can become second nature with some practice.

1.) The next time she's doing some shopping, accompany her. This is her day so you should stay with her and concentrate on her experience. You can't bolt out to the sports equipment section to check out things that you like. You will need to be interested in anything concerning her.

2.) If she's had a very stressful work week, then rise early on Saturday morning and cook breakfast for her. Bring it to her on a fancy tray for some breakfast in bed. Depending on how stressed out she is, you might permit her some quiet time reading her favorite book or magazine.

3.) A simple fireplace is a potent ingredient for a romantic evening particularly in the wintertime. A cheery fire combined with wine, champagne, a comfy love seat, and dimmed lights all create the perfect atmosphere for romance. This works even better if it is part of a getaway such as a skiing lodge, rustic cabin, or an elegant hotel.

4.) When it comes to the romantic gesture, you don't always have to hit the ball out of the park. Grand and noble gestures are effective but can be hard to keep up on a daily basis. This is where lots of small gestures are used.

Women value both the small gestures and the big ones equally. So keep up with the compliments, kisses, hugs, touching and expressions of appreciation.

5.) Routines are essential for getting through the every day chores efficiently. But they are tedious and boring and this is deadly to romance. Try shaking up the daily routines and bring her some roses or prepare a dinner by candle light. Anything that's novel or unusual creates excitement.

6.) Get together for the evening and create a bunch of love coupons. How they get redeemed can be very simple such as drawing one at random from a hat or making it a very elaborate game. The possibilities are entirely limited by your own creativity.

7.) Centuries ago, the love letter and poetry of love were an artistic production. They're not in fashion now, but things old fashioned and romance seem to go together. Get a book of love poetry, choose a poem and change it so that she'll think that it was penned by you. Place it in a box of expensive chocolates and gift wrap it.

With practice, romance will become very natural.

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St Lucia Island of Romance

Found between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Sea , St Lucia is an exotic island known for its natural beauty. Though it's a tiny island, only 27 miles wide, it's been a well-liked holiday maker spot for years. The island stayed a colony of France for several years after which, it was taken over by Great Britain. St Lucia became an independent state of the Commonwealth of Countries in 1979. The holiday maker season lasts principally from Jan to July, when folks from around the globe visit the island to enjoy the hot climate and views. The destination has numerous exciting activities that holiday makers can take a role in together with exotic locales to go to and explore. If you'd like to treat yourself during your stay at St.

Lucia, book yourself into one of many sumptuous resorts, and hostels. s.

One of the hottest and exclusive new high end resorts on the island is the Jade Mountain, which offers non-public pools for all its guests with different astounding perspectives. The remote positioning of the Ladera Resort is ideal for enjoying nature, as there isn't any division between guest spaces, and the encircling rainforest. Another great spot to experience is the Anse Chastanet Resort.

The resort features two beaches, impressive perspectives of the ocean and the famous twin Piton tops. Aside from this, many activities are there , for example hiking or scuba swimming you can enjoy there. Being part of the Caribbean, St Lucia is legendary for its stunning beaches and shores. The Pigeon Island, Rodney Bay, Choc Bay, and the Dauphin Beach are well-liked beaches on the island that offer all kinds of activities for holiday makers.

The Island also has exciting places to explore , for example the sole drive thru volcano of the planet. The island also has a National rainforest Reserve, which is a superb getaway for walkers, birdwatchers, and nature fans. There are many nature walks, tours, and programs for travellers who would like to explore the island. Preservation areas beyond the coast line have also been made for water activities fans. If you would like to enjoy the nightlife, and have an exciting time boogying with your chums, then St Lucia is the ideal place. Among the most noted clubs on the island are the Indies and the Lime, where there's live entertainment, and theme nights are celebrated. One of the must see places on the island is La Toc, the revived English fort. It's a great option for people that need to treat themselves to a cultural and historic excitement. The Diamond botanical gardens are also an an incredibly popular holiday maker attraction and shouldn't be missed.

Lucia is the ultimate luxury vacation spot that offers something for everyone. You may have a fantastic cosseting experience at the 5 star resorts, or append your time relaxing at the beach. Aside from this, the island has a selection of activities for folks of all ages and preferences.

So , if you would like to treat yourself with an experience, you'll always remember, St Lucia is the spot for you. St. Lucia, a tiny island in the Caribbean of roughly 238 square miles, is covered with tropical forests. The climate in the stormy season ( July thru December ) is generally in eighty degrees ( Fahrenheit ) and rains infrequently. The resorts along the waters edge have an array of water-based sports and when you're uninterested in being in the water or laying in the sunshine or sat at the swim-up pool bar you can drive to the rain forest and glide thru the treetops on a zipline. While we were there we went Zip lining, which was big fun, drove thru the rain-forest, went shopping, did heaps of water based sports and explored a few hotel and resort properties during our stay. We found something for each budget, crime is just about nonexistent. And the locals are warm and hospitable. We stayed at Sandals Regency. Sandal's Resorts have 3 properties found on the island, each with a different spark and all have fantastic eateries and variety of watersports included in your stay. We were searching for a way to see the island and see other hotel and resort properties while we were there.

We visited Cap Maison where we found personal villas with plunge pools and a huge dining area. You can walk down 63 steps to get to their pretty personal beach. Almond Smugglers Cove and Almond Morgan Bay ( both comprehensive ) are fantastically landscaped properties that minister to families. They have an excellent children's programme for ages two up to seventeen years old. Cotton Bay Hamlet is a collection of villas, apartments and flats ; they're not comprehensive but have a cafe on site.

See Goglia is an avid travler and writer

st lucia resorts

See Goglia is an avid travler and writer.

Thrilling Romance Novels Review

Scott Nicholson writes Liquid Fear, a novel about a man who wakes up with a murdered woman in his motel with only a bottle of pills as a clue to what might have happened. It takes on the mystery of a pharmacy conspiracy that occurred years before and left one of them dead and the rest with acute memory loss. Now, the experiments continue and to keep off dangerous side effects such as phobias and dangerous impulses, they must take pills every four hours, but the pills have run out and the people are cracking beneath the pressure. The story surrounds the struggle of these characters to figure out what to do when the pills have run out and their inhibitions are no longer in their own hold.

Nancy C. Johnson writes Her Last Letter, is about a pair of three sisters, one of which died and left a letter saying that one of her sister's husbands murdered her, as they were involved in intimate relations. Now, it is up to the two living sisters to determine which of their husbands was the killer and which of the ones had the relationship with the sister. Both men are wealthy with mysterious backgrounds and are suspects causing a whirlwind of mistrust and suspicion in the lives of these two women. For danger and suspense, this is a novel to read.

J.R. Rain writes Moon Dance, a novel about a female vampire who has children and a husband and became a vampire only six years ago when she was attacked. While trying to carry on her business, she also has to deal with her husband's dislike of her vampire form and the strain that her cold body puts on their love life. Luckily, she finds a new love later on and manages to overcome her obstacles. Heather Killough-Walden writes A Big Bad Wolf Romance: The Spell. This book is about a young witch who dreams of werewolves, one being a murderer and the other being a man with a dark past who seeks revenge upon a warlock who once took his brother from him. Drawn to each other, this is a story of magical romance that follows the journey of two people whose paths cross and they are unable to do anything to stop the connection between them. The third installment in a series, you could try reading The Strip and The Heat, as well, for a more comprehensive look on the books.

Lori Foster writes When You Dare, a book about a professional mercenary who believes that persona lives should never mix in business. But when a lovely woman asks him to track down a man who had kidnapped her, he can't resist her beauty and is tempted to mix pleasure with business. Molly, however, is in a mission and cannot think of anything but who among her father or old fianc might have been the one that kidnapped her. For a book that is filled with passion and crime, as well as the intensity of some dark, shady business, this is the novel to read.

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Suspect an Adulterous Office Romance Here’s How You Can Catch it

suspect adultery, then you owe it to yourself to further your investigation. I want to help you do exactly that, for free!

For free, you ask? Really?">>">

What if you knew exactly what your spouse is doing right now to hide their office affair from you?

Do you want to learn how to tell if your spouse is cheating on you at work? Do you want to learn what places to look for proof that he or she could be having an affair?

Then you have come to the right place!

For the rest of this article I'm going to be detailing exactly where your spouse is likely to be hiding proof that they are sleeping with another woman / man that they met through their place of employment.

Basically, I've broken this article up into four different parts describing the four different 'fronts' your spouse could be using to hide his or her activity from you.

Hiding Spot #1. His Company Email is Easy to Keep Secret

It is extremely easy for your spouse to hide any amount of communication from you when they have access to a private company email.

They can even give you a rock solid excuse as to why you're not allowed to see his / her inbox by telling you that it contains 'private company info' or something silly like that.

They can come up with any number of excuses, really, for you not to have access to this critical channel of communication

Even if you do find a way to get into this e-mail account, it extremely easy to delete or hide something that your spouse doesn't want you to see. However, if your spouse is part of an affair at work, than you can bet your bottom dollar that the company email is one thing he (or she) will be using.

Hiding Spot #2. Her Company Phone is 'Only for Work Calls'

Or at least, that's what they tell you when you ask to use it.

If your spouse is very touchy or sensitive when it comes to their company given cell phone, then chances are there could be something more than meets the eye.

Many times your spouse will prefer communicating on a company given cell phone rather than their own personal cell phone, because (s)he knows that you're less likely to look there for proof.

They also probably know that if you're going to install GPS tracking (many cheaters are paranoid about this at some point or another) that you would not want to do it on a company phone for fear of legal trouble down the road.

Afterall, as a married couple TECHNICALLY a personal cell phone is also part your property, so legally there's no problems tracking them, even unknowingly. However, a company phone is COMPANY property, and installing a tracking program is almost certainly illegal.

This is a huge advantage to your spouse.

Hiding Spot #3. Their Lunch Break is 'Only 30 Minutes Long'

This stereotypical lunch hook up is much more common than most people realize, especially when it comes to affairs at work.

Your spouse is probably telling you that they only have 20 to 30 minutes for their lunch break, but in fact there's nothing really stopping them from sneaking off for an hour or two, depending on their responsibilities as an employee.

In many jobs it's very easy to get away for up to an hour on your lunch break if you really wanted to, as long as you're not doing it too frequently. In fact, I remember working at a hospital that let us lower level employees (file management) get away with taking hour and a half lunch breaks!

Obviously this isn't directly relevant to you, I'm just using this as an example to let you know that even in this supposedly strict and regimented environment such as a hospital it's more than possible to sneak away during your lunch break for long periods of time...

Certainly long enough for an afternoon romantic rendevous.

Hiding Spot #4. The Office Christmas Party is 'Employees Only'

Any non-work-related office events are almost always a hot spot for employee-to-employee romance.

Just think about it - There's music in the air, you're feeling warm from the alcohol and that girl you've been eyeing in the cubicle next to you is coming onto you HARD.

What do you think is going to happen?

What ALWAYS inevitably happens between two people with chemistry once they get a little tipsy?

You guessed it. An affair is born.

Is There Any Way to Know For Sure?

Obviously the next question once you've identified the elements that your spouse COULD be using to enable an affair at work is...

How do you get proof? How do you confirm your suspicions and uncover the truth?

Well, it won't be easy. I can tell you that right now. In fact, you might be more confused now than you were when you started reading this article, but don't worry, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

It means that you're're letting your mind wander to areas you had closed off before, because you didn't WANT to face what could be the truth.

This is a good thing! Albeit a painful, good thing.

Even though this article is almost over, I want to help you out. So this is what I'm going to do:

If you think that your spouse could legitimately be having an suspect adultery, then you owe it to yourself to further your investigation. I want to help you do exactly that, for free!

For free, you ask? Really?

time for chrome hearts online romance

There are so many silver party chrome hearts uk favors galore for the bride who values the gleam of a polished surface and the reflection of candlelight on a silver candle holder. You can charm your guests by giving something that is silver, that elegantly commemorates your bridal shower. Here are some silver bridal shower favors you may consider to choose from: Frog Prince Charming Bridal Favors Key Rings. To complete your fairy tale bridal shower theme these whimsical Frog Prince Charming Bridal Favors Key Ring is a delightful bridesmaids favor that your friends will adore. These silver frog prince key chain bridesmaid favor comes beautifully packaged in a black lined favor box with a clear top. You found your prince charming and now are beginning your happily ever after so give your bridesmaids a gift that celebrates the day. This enchanting frog prince key chain is so cute your bridesmaids will want to show it off every chance they get. Enormous Engagement Ring Keychain Shower Favors. These engagement ring key rings have enormous faux diamond stones and come in a chrome hearts outlet size of standard key chains to easily fit in your purse or zippered pockets inside your handbag. You can give them as prizes at wedding showers or as charming gifts for your bridesmaids. "Double Happiness" Elegant Chrome Bottle Stopper Favor in Asian-Themed Gift Box. These Asian themed bottle stoppers are an elegant wedding or bridal shower favor that everyone will love to use. This Double Happiness Elegant Chrome Bottle Stopper Favor in an Asian-Themed Gift Box is an eye-catching wedding or bridal shower favor that symbolizes that you and your groom are meant to go through life together. Beautifully packaged in a stunning showcase gift box our Chinese symbol wedding favors are sure to amaze your wedding guests. Displayed in side this black velvet lined gift box your guests will discover a gorgeous solid chrome bottle stopper of notable weight and quality. Wrapped in a red accent sleeve this bottle stopper wedding favor box is printed with the words Double Happiness Chrome Bottle Stopper. Share your joy and your love of wine with this stunning Double Happiness symbol wine bottle stopper. Tea Time Tea Infuser Favors. Time for you, time for me, time for chrome hearts online romance, time for tea! This elegant tea infuser favor brings an upscale sophistication to any affair. A delicate heart theme distinguishes this favor, from the shape of the perforated infuser itself to the heart cutouts on the handle. Each infuser presents elegantly in a sleek box, printed with a charming pale green teapot print, tied with sheer ribbon and a standard heart-shaped Thank You tag. A matching personalized tag is also available with this favor.