Betty Neels – Truly Irresistible for Romance Lovers!

I've read many, if not all books of Betty Neels. When her birthday came on the fifteenth of September, I just thought writing a blog about her would be a perfect tribute to this amazing writer. Though most of Betty's novels seem to sound the same, what never ceases to amaze me is that each one is unique and wonderful on its own. From her first book -Sister Peters in Amsterdam- to her last one -Emma's Wedding-, all the 134 books are classic reads. With a writing career that spanned from 1969 to 2001, Neels has kept readers spellbound with her sweet and sensitive love stories.

With a tall, handsome, very rich, often titled gentleman as the main character and a plain, responsible, not-so-well off lady as his counterpart, Betty Neel's novels seem to be pretty predictable. He, usually being a Dutch doctor - stern, placid, and even tempered, and she, having carroty red hair and a fiery temper to go with it. The main protagonists usually have pets and I guess her novels are probably the only place where cats and dogs stay in a room together without fighting! The key characters meet by chance and in most cases he helps her whenever she has a problem. She slowly falls in love with him, and his love for her is expressed only at the end of the story. And all's well after that!! Reading Betty Neels always makes me feel good and happy! Soft and subtle, realistic and romantic, pragmatic and passionate - Betty Neels' novels are truly irresistible for those who love reading romance novels.

Whenever I go to the library or a bookstore, my eyes always stray to the section that houses Betty's novels. There are many online stores that offer Betty Neels' novels at very low prices. You can just download these romance ebooks from the site and read it at your convenience. One site that has a great selection of romance ebooks is Diesel-ebooks. Just log on to the site and download your favourite Betty Neels and read them whenever you are free!