Romance 101 Your Guide to the Perfect Night In

Looking for a great way to spice things up in the romance department? Why not consider a sexy, romantic night in for a change?

Many couples enjoy going out (you know, the "traditional" dinner and a movie) for a chance to reconnect, but a night in can be much more conducive to intimate connection-at the dining room table, on the living room couch, and especially between the sheets.

Getting started

Planning your perfect night in starts with picking a date so you can make preparations. You may even want to consider surprising your lover with a night in to really juice things up.

If you're going with the surprise option, make sure you leave work early on the day of (and that your lover isn't home) so you can set everything up. Got kids? No problem. Arrange for a babysitter ahead of time and drop them off. Even if your hot night in is sans surprise, getting the kids out of there is necessary.

Surprise or not, you'll need to pick up a few things for the big night: flowers, candles, incense, bubble bath, massage oil, a bottle of wine or champagne, grocery items for dinner, some aphrodisiac foods like strawberries and chocolate, a romantic or sexy DVD, some playing cards, and some costumes-you'll find out why in a minute.

You'll also need to clean the house up a little and clean yourself up a little (shower, dress up, smell nice) before getting started.

Set the "mood"

Next, set the "mood"-a critical part of your big night in. Light candles and incense, put fresh flowers (red roses recommended) in a vase on the table, and play soft, sexy music in the background.

Prepare the bedroom in advance by turning it into a sexy love haven. Get rid of the mess, add candles (light them later), throw rose petals on the bed, and have some sexy lingerie or kinky costumes and chocolate-covered strawberries (or the like) ready.

Your perfect night in:

1. Dinner

Start your night in by either surprising your lover with dinner, or cooking it together. If you can't cook or don't enjoy cooking, order your favorite takeout (like Chinese) and set it up with fancy china, and eat together with chopsticks and wine by candlelight.

2. Movie

Move from dinner to the living room where you can watch a sexy or romantic DVD together. Get nice and cozy on the couch, and allow yourselves to enjoy each other rather than the movie as needed.

3. Bath & Massage

Take a candlelit bubble bath together, complete with incense, champagne, and a nice, long, sensual massage session complete with yummy-smelling massage oil to tantalize your senses.

4. Sex games

Now it's time to crank it up a notch, moving from romantic to sexy and downright naughty. Get competitive and creative with sex games or role-playing. Strip poker is a favorite-here's where the cards come in handy.

Act out a scenario together and dress the part. Here is where kinky costumes come into play. You can try scenarios like doctor and patient, teacher and student, employer and employee, master and slave, artist and model, stripper and client. Be creative and let your sensual imagination run away with you. The possibilities are endless.

The obvious goal of the entire evening is to end up in bed together, but if your romp ends up in the bathtub, the livingroom couch, or even the dining room table, just go with the flow. Even though you may have planned the evening out, spontaneity almost always wins over structure, so just enjoy wherever the evening takes you.

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Save Your Valuable Relationship – Place Romance Back Into Your Lifetime

Are you currently in a situation where you may well perception that your matrimony could possibly be heading in direction of divorce? On the other hand, you happen to be devoted to do something and turnaround your own relationship. Of course, its factual that lovers may possibly deal with rough occasions inside their matrimony voyage, and most almost certainly they may be nonetheless in adore. Ahead of that receives any further compared to this particular, perhaps it is time you make a new u-turn of your matrimony along with carry romance back to this.

As time passes simply by, lovers usually get each other for granted, and commence to relate to the other person being a co-inhabitant rather than a partner or a partner. Focal points turn into confusing in most cases enchantment may be the first thing out of the windowpane. People perform often neglect exactly why they were given hitched initially. Things such as youngsters and/or dollars become middle point inside versions existence and really like along with love are generally overlooked even though the wish to satisfy these nonetheless stays. If this is done with regard to of sufficient length time, generally by a single spouse, animosity may start to formulate. As well as resentment will doubtless consider upon the wedding Do you know the items that you may do today to provide slightly romance back into your daily life?

For starters, set the priorities right. Start spending some time relating to the both of you once more. Even though it is just a meal night out once per month. If your concern pertaining to who will take care of the young children becomes in terms, then that is the chance of them to spend some top quality occasion with the great parents. As well as retain the services of any baby-sitter to complete the job. Never allow this particular become a justification that prevents an individual throughout hanging out together. And a walk in the park with each other would be a relationship refresher. It will furthermore provide you with seductive by leaving tasks and jobs regarding existence at the rear of for awhile.

Begin staying intimate yet again. Keep in mind these tingly instances that will deliver delight straight into your health since you get that your partner wholeheartedly adore you? Nicely, often, the idea wasn't some thing large that they can would for you, it had been actually something tiny in which designed a huge difference. It turned out something special. Similar to putting modest chits regarding "I Enjoy Yous" inside your slacks pants pocket as well as attire table. Effectively, provide these situations back into your existence. Obtain romantic yet again.

Consider your partner concerns. What this means is probably relationship may not be large being a priority to suit your needs, however it is to your wife or husband. Begin listening to what that person to express, pay attention to just what his or her activities say. Maybe probably, you might have become numbing your that you just almost never detect what's going on surrounding you. Pay attention once again and initiate answering in a manner that empowers your own romantic relationship. For instance, in case your spouse produces a request for one to decline these people for a dental professional visit, figure out a way to accomplish this. The idea illustrates that he / she is important to you and you also get to spend some on your own moment together.

If you're still thinking if the will last anyone, cease thinking and begin taking action. If you are looking forward to someday, which someday won't appear. Though where you stand in your own life just isn't in places you anticipate to be, it is the kick off point. Commence right now, to create your matrimony operate.

Anna Kounago is a registered psycho therapist who worked as spousal relationship therapist for thirty years. In order to obtain much more information on marital relationship counseling, feel free to pay a visit to our favorite marriage counselors web site.

Thrilling Romance Novels Review

Scott Nicholson writes Liquid Fear, a novel about a man who wakes up with a murdered woman in his motel with only a bottle of pills as a clue to what might have happened. It takes on the mystery of a pharmacy conspiracy that occurred years before and left one of them dead and the rest with acute memory loss. Now, the experiments continue and to keep off dangerous side effects such as phobias and dangerous impulses, they must take pills every four hours, but the pills have run out and the people are cracking beneath the pressure. The story surrounds the struggle of these characters to figure out what to do when the pills have run out and their inhibitions are no longer in their own hold.

Nancy C. Johnson writes Her Last Letter, is about a pair of three sisters, one of which died and left a letter saying that one of her sister's husbands murdered her, as they were involved in intimate relations. Now, it is up to the two living sisters to determine which of their husbands was the killer and which of the ones had the relationship with the sister. Both men are wealthy with mysterious backgrounds and are suspects causing a whirlwind of mistrust and suspicion in the lives of these two women. For danger and suspense, this is a novel to read.

J.R. Rain writes Moon Dance, a novel about a female vampire who has children and a husband and became a vampire only six years ago when she was attacked. While trying to carry on her business, she also has to deal with her husband's dislike of her vampire form and the strain that her cold body puts on their love life. Luckily, she finds a new love later on and manages to overcome her obstacles. Heather Killough-Walden writes A Big Bad Wolf Romance: The Spell. This book is about a young witch who dreams of werewolves, one being a murderer and the other being a man with a dark past who seeks revenge upon a warlock who once took his brother from him. Drawn to each other, this is a story of magical romance that follows the journey of two people whose paths cross and they are unable to do anything to stop the connection between them. The third installment in a series, you could try reading The Strip and The Heat, as well, for a more comprehensive look on the books.

Lori Foster writes When You Dare, a book about a professional mercenary who believes that persona lives should never mix in business. But when a lovely woman asks him to track down a man who had kidnapped her, he can't resist her beauty and is tempted to mix pleasure with business. Molly, however, is in a mission and cannot think of anything but who among her father or old fianc might have been the one that kidnapped her. For a book that is filled with passion and crime, as well as the intensity of some dark, shady business, this is the novel to read.

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Roberto Sedycias works as an IT consultant for PoloMercantil

Why Women Crave for Romance

Men are {infinitely


much} luckier than women when it comes to {initiating


starting} relationships. All they have to do is {woo

pursue} their desired female with {loads


plenty} of romance, and more often than not, the elusive heart is conquered. Even the typical hardened woman who has sworn off men would most likely {melt

give in} if she were showered with flowers, serenaded with music, {enticed

tempted} with chocolates, treated to candlelit dinners, shown romantic sunsets, walks on the beach, and whatever else her heart desires.

The secret lies in the wooing {{technique


method}}. It is probably best if the man will surreptitiously {conduct

do} his own research of what the pursued lady's interests are. Sometimes, the simpler yet {sincere

honest} gestures are the ones that {garner

get} the most appreciation. Expensive jewelry and fur coats may take her breath away but {extravagant

exorbitant} gifts such as those could sometimes be intimidating, making the recipient doubt if she is indeed {worthy

deserving} of such frills, or if the gentleman is merely showing off. A more low-key but {sentimental


sensitive} approach such as an invitation to a concert of her favorite artist, dinner at her favorite {restaurant

cafe}, tickets to a tennis match she is interested in - these are sure to win the pursuer some {heavyweight

big-time} points. It is more {appreciated

valued} if a woman's interests are entertained and given importance, rather than blinding her with far too much flamboyance. It may work for some, but the relationship might not go beyond the superficial stage, and rely on material wealth to survive.

So why do women fall for romantic gestures? Why do they swoon at the very idea of romance? The answer is actually very simple - women thrive on appreciation. Romantic words and actions convey a {deep

strong} appreciation of the person they are addressed to. Simply put, they profess the message, "I adore you." Aside from delivering a very positive message, they come across as {extremely

very} respectful of a woman. A love letter sincerely and beautifully written is a powerful {medium

instrument} of expression. It proclaims love, respect, and {admiration

approval}; it tells the recipient, "I adore you so much that I am willing to go through all this trouble to write down my feelings instead of buying a ready-made card or giving you a {meaningless

trifling} gift." It allows the reader to ponder on the words and carefully consider the writer's message. Hopefully, with much thought, the writer will receive a positive response.

Aside from being appreciated, women love the idea of romance itself. Such gestures show a person that she is being treated with utmost care, her feelings are being strung like guitar strings, her emotions are being carefully dealt with, she is being treated like a queen, and that is exactly what she likes.

Assuming the wooer has succeeded, the question now is how to keep the romance alive, especially in long-married couples? The most important thing is to remember that this aspect needs some work and effort, and should not be assumed as an automatic occurrence in successful marriages. First and foremost, both men and women must make a commitment to take care of themselves, mind and body. It is a fact of life that physical appearance makes up a huge percent of a person's attractiveness. Likewise, a healthy mind perfectly complements it. It will not be entirely difficult to be romantic to your spouse if you still find her attractive. Second, regular private time together is a must, no matter how demanding the children, the chores, and other commitments may be. It does not have to be in a five-star hotel nor an island getaway. The important thing is the couple's togetherness and their desire to keep the fires burning. If only married couples would treat each other in the same way they did during the courtship stage, there would be fewer divorces around. Perhaps, they keep forgetting the fact that relationships not only thrive on love and respect, but they also hunger for romance.

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Marital Infidelity Office Romance Takes Flight

Long work hours which occur with alarming regularity are regarded as one of the classic signs of a cheating spouse. What makes it so hard to pin down however is that in this day and age with money being too tight to mention, it is at times an absolute necessity to put in overtime, go in on weekends or even your day off. Most families just to make ends meet require that both spouses work.

But whether good times or bad, the office has always been one of the prime meeting places for singles and married alike. In his article, "The Ugly Side of Office Relationships", Francis K. Githinji writes, "An office is always a fertile ground for working colleagues to hit it off in a relationship. It is a place where you are bound to meet new people who will always be within your proximity."

Proximity is the key word here. If familiarity breeds contempt, it can also give rise to enticement. The majority of spouses that cheat on their partner do not consciously take a job in the hopes of having an extramarital affair but it happens anyway. Working closely with someone allows you to observe them under a whole host of circumstances. How they react to high pressure situations, how they communicate and treat others, their attitude and professionalism toward their job and well as other factors.

A coworker will also see that person when they are relaxed and more than likely will also be exposed to that person's sense of humor. That goes a long way to forging a bond. It many ways a good sense of humor is allowing people into your world. If a spouse and one of the co workers have the same sense of humor, than the connection becomes that much closer.

A few generations ago office romances were not only frowned upon but actively discouraged. That of course didn't stop them from taking place. Now it seems the work environment has changed one hundred eighty degrees. In a CNN study done earlier this year forty percent acknowledged that they have had an office romance at one time or another. The astounding part of this survey was that sixty six percent felt there was no need to hide the relationship.

Unless they want a divorce, it's practically a given that a cheating spouse will not come forward and declare publicly their extra marital affair. But in some ways they don't have to. The old saying "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" can also apply to the office. Every work environment has a unique culture of its own with different levels of loyalty. Many coworkers may know what's going on but they don't feel it is anybody's concern; including the offended parties. The motto whether spoken or not is if you don't work here, then it's none of your business. In other words their first loyalty is toward their coworker. The majority of spouses go to work to work. They maintain their professionalism and save intimacy exclusively for their marriage. They also take seriously their wedding vows as well as the trust they have in themselves and their partner. Unfortunately for many others, the temptation is too great to resist. Being around someone they find physically and emotionally attractive 8 plus hours a day for 5 days out of the week puts their significant other at an unfair advantage.

Article written by Daryl Campbell- The Relationship Tip- Why is it that some married people never give up the game?

Betty Neels – Truly Irresistible for Romance Lovers!

I've read many, if not all books of Betty Neels. When her birthday came on the fifteenth of September, I just thought writing a blog about her would be a perfect tribute to this amazing writer. Though most of Betty's novels seem to sound the same, what never ceases to amaze me is that each one is unique and wonderful on its own. From her first book -Sister Peters in Amsterdam- to her last one -Emma's Wedding-, all the 134 books are classic reads. With a writing career that spanned from 1969 to 2001, Neels has kept readers spellbound with her sweet and sensitive love stories.

With a tall, handsome, very rich, often titled gentleman as the main character and a plain, responsible, not-so-well off lady as his counterpart, Betty Neel's novels seem to be pretty predictable. He, usually being a Dutch doctor - stern, placid, and even tempered, and she, having carroty red hair and a fiery temper to go with it. The main protagonists usually have pets and I guess her novels are probably the only place where cats and dogs stay in a room together without fighting! The key characters meet by chance and in most cases he helps her whenever she has a problem. She slowly falls in love with him, and his love for her is expressed only at the end of the story. And all's well after that!! Reading Betty Neels always makes me feel good and happy! Soft and subtle, realistic and romantic, pragmatic and passionate - Betty Neels' novels are truly irresistible for those who love reading romance novels.

Whenever I go to the library or a bookstore, my eyes always stray to the section that houses Betty's novels. There are many online stores that offer Betty Neels' novels at very low prices. You can just download these romance ebooks from the site and read it at your convenience. One site that has a great selection of romance ebooks is Diesel-ebooks. Just log on to the site and download your favourite Betty Neels and read them whenever you are free!