Christian Romance Tips for Wives

All right woman of God, it's time you turned up the heat. Not in the kitchen, silly girl, in your bedroom. Yes, I know you work a full-time job, you cook, you clean, and you take care of the children. But the back burner is no place for your love life sweetie. You see, romance is an essential part of your relationship. In fact, where your husband is concerned, it makes him feel loved.

But if you've been a little lax in this area, no worries. Make a decision today to "turn up the heat".

Here are ten simple Christian romance tips you can implement right away:

Join Him in the shower when he least expects it.
Give him a full body massage.
Be the aggressor in the bedroom for a full week.
Never come to bed looking like his grandmother.
Before he goes to work, hide love notes in his pockets.
While he's at work send him passionate text messages through out the day.
Leave a steamy voice message for him on the answering machine.
Make love to him in a room other than the bedroom.
Turn your bathroom into a homemade spa for two.
Leave a trail of rose petals from the front door to the bedroom where he finds you at the end.

If you don't typically initiate romance in your marriage, this may feel a little awkward initially. But I promise you'll notice immediate changes in your relationship once you get started. It just takes a little effort.

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