Psychic Reading Love Romance and the Romanctic Outfit

If there are a handful of items that are fun in life it would have to be a psychic reading, love and romance, and the romantic outfit. We all enjoy being in the company of a woman who is feminine and who understands the strength of her inner beauty.

The creative feminine energy is present in both males and females, we call it yin and yang energy, and the wholesome well being of both sexes causes admiration in many. Many males, myself included , wonder what is it like to be a woman and how does it feel?

How do women feel about love, romance, and romantic outfits? If only all men had telepathy so we could reach into the minds of women and find out! It is true to say that many men are scared of the feminist movement, they do not really understand it, and what we fail to understand we fear.

The goal of any psychic reading is to shine light on your REAL life situation to banish fear forever. You see wherever you shine the light it becomes less burdensome. A genuine psychic is a valuable friend to have on your team.

Should women be above men or men above women? How about viewing both with equal importance? You can't have one without the other anyway. It is the old chicken and egg syndrome. Which came first? Are men the stronger sex and are women far more intuitive than men? We all have our struggles. How about we view them each with equal compassion and understanding?

When we are children we are all exposed to conditioning and the bad habits of grown ups around us. It takes time to shake off this negativity. A psychic reading can reveal energy blocks and release a lot of the stored up spirit blockages. Men and women all have energy blocks. This is a fact of life. The more of these we release the more warm and human we become.

There are many men who are attracted to love and romance. They crave it but often fail to know how to go about it. Hey, has there ever been a course at school on falling in love with tenderness and affection? So what hope do we have but to learn through trial and error? For many of us the error is WAY too frequent!

Men can be threatened by a successful and intelligent career woman. This is more true today than ever before. This is the day and age where brain power triumphs over physical strength and those who understand thoughts are things and can direct their thinking capacity always end up ahead of the game.

You get a kick from a romantic evening where both male and female respect one another, there is honour there and an energy of positive communication, and an equal sharing of energy. There are various degrees of respect a man has for a woman. One degree is wanting to protect her, say from the rain or other troublemakers. Then you have a still higher form of respect where the male wants to work with a female, as in some kind of cooperative effort, and views the woman as his equal.

I have not met a guy yet who fails to appreciate a romantic dress, and all the effort a woman puts into looking nice , there is always someone bound to appreciate it. There is a joy in love and romance and womanhood. This is why Jane Austen's novels are still popular. She writes about chivalry, polite and caring men, of falling in romantic love, and the age of romance. Could you ask for anything more in a genuine psychic reading?

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